24/7 Reliable, Accurate Scientific Translation, Russian & English into Spanish

What I offer:

Revision and proofreading
of technical documentation

Subject matter expert in MT

Terminology Management and client –specific Glossary development

TM creation and Alignment

PM of extensive and multilingual translations

LH Translation Studio specializes in translation of technical documentation for chemical, medical device and pharmaceutical companies and provides translation services of documents such as:

  • Operation, Installation, and Maintenance Manuals
  • Instructions for Use
  • Software application Interfaces and Application note
  • Product Catalogue of Chemicals/ radiochemicals/ pharmaceuticals/ radiopharmaceuticals
  • CE marking documents: Package inserts and Labels, QRC templates, etc
  • Drug manufacturing procedures
  • Assays
  • Marketing and promotional documents: Websites, Brochures, etc

Fields of expertise:

General: Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Applications of radionuclides and nuclear imaging techniques in Drug Discovery and Human Health

Specific projects: Medical devices, Medical Physics, Radiopharmaceuticals, Radiotherapy, Dosimetry, Radioprotection, Radioactive Waste management, QA systems, Medical Physics, LINACs, Radiotherapy, Radiodiagnostics, Brachytherapy, External beam radiation therapy, Treatment Plan Systems, CE Marking